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Introducing a preconfigured software package from cloudimg featuring WildFly 27 on the Debian 11 operating system. This offering comes with a selection of preinstalled system components, though it’s important to note that additional charges apply for Round-the-Clock support with a guaranteed 24-Hour response time.

Included Software Components:

Java 11 (JDK): This package includes the Java Development Kit version 11.
WildFly 27: It is an open-source application server recognized for its flexibility and support for the latest Java EE and Jakarta EE standards.

In addition to the core components, the software image is bundled with several other utilities:

AWS CLI: Amazon Web Services Command Line Interface, which facilitates interaction with AWS services.
AWS CloudWatch Agent: A tool designed for collecting and transmitting logs and metrics to AWS CloudWatch.
AWS Systems Manager Agent: This component aids in the management of resources on AWS.
Python 3: The software package includes Python 3, a versatile programming language widely used for scripting and automation.
Cloud-Init: A configuration tool that simplifies the initialization of cloud instances.

A comprehensive user guide is accessible in the Additional Resources section of the software listing. This guide offers detailed instructions and insights into configuring and utilizing the bundled components and WildFly 27 application server.

The software package is configured to update itself upon the first boot, ensuring that users start with an environment that includes the latest packages and security updates.

WildFly 27 is a robust open-source application server with the following key attributes:

It adheres to the latest Java EE and Jakarta EE specifications.
Offers a comprehensive array of technologies, encompassing EJB, JPA, CDI, JMS, REST, and SOAP.
Boasts scalability and performance features such as clustering, load balancing, and high availability.
Embraces cloud-native architectures, enabling seamless integration with containerization, Kubernetes, and other cloud technologies.
Its modular architecture allows for tailored customization, allowing developers to select and optimize only the necessary components.
Facilitates monitoring, management, and DevOps tasks, streamlining application deployment and management.

In summary, this software package is designed to provide developers with a preconfigured and optimized environment for creating and deploying enterprise applications using WildFly 27 on the Debian 11 platform. It includes various preinstalled components and options for AWS integration. Please review the pricing details and the accompanying user guide for additional insights into its usage and customization options.