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This software offering presents WildFly 26 on a Windows Server 2019 image, which has been thoughtfully preconfigured. Notably, there is an option for customers to access Round-the-Clock support, with a guaranteed 24-hour response time, for an extra charge.

Included with this package are essential system components like the AWS CLI, AWS CloudWatch Agent, and AWS Systems Manager Agent. For detailed guidance on using WildFly 26, users can refer to a comprehensive user guide conveniently located in the Additional Resources section of this listing.

It is described as a versatile and lightweight managed application runtime, tailored to empower developers in building exceptional applications. It adheres to the latest standards for REST-based data access, including JAX-RS 2 and JSON-P. Additionally, it builds upon Jakarta EE, offering robust enterprise capabilities through easily consumable frameworks that eliminate repetitive tasks and reduce technical complexities.

It boasts a quick startup time, and when paired with the user-friendly Arquillian framework, it supports test-driven development within the actual runtime environment. This approach keeps test code separate yet accessible alongside your application, ensuring full access to server resources.

The software also prioritizes efficient memory management and allows users to customize its capabilities through pluggable subsystems. Configuration is streamlined, centralized, and user-centric, organized by subsystems for easy comprehension, without exposing intricate server internals.

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