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This text introduces a software package and outlines its key features:

Repackaged Software: This software package has been modified and enhanced beyond its standard installation.

Support with Additional Charges: Round-the-clock support is available for this software, subject to extra fees, and it guarantees a 24-hour response time.

Image Contents: The package includes WildFly 26 on Rocky Linux 8, complete with preinstalled system components like AWS CLI, AWS CloudWatch Agent, AWS Systems Manager Agent, Python 3, and Cloud-Init.

User Guide: Users can find a comprehensive user guide in the Additional Resources section of this listing, aiding them in getting started with the software.

Updates: Upon the first boot, all cloudimg offerings are updated to ensure they incorporate the latest packages and security updates.

WildFly Description: It is described as a versatile, lightweight, managed application runtime that supports the latest REST-based data access standards, including JAX-RS 2 and JSON-P. It’s built on Jakarta EE, making it ideal for test-driven development. The software places a strong emphasis on memory management and boasts a user-friendly, centralized configuration system organized by subsystems.

Trademark Disclaimer: It’s noted that the trademarks mentioned in the offering belong to their respective companies and that their use does not imply any form of affiliation or endorsement.

To summarize, this text provides information about a software package from cloudimg, highlighting its enhanced features, support options, bundled components, user guide availability, update policy, WildFly’s capabilities, and a disclaimer regarding trademarks.