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This software package, is a preconfigured solution featuring WildFly 26 on RedHat 8. Here are the key highlights of this offering:

Enhanced Support Options: This package includes Round-the-Clock support with a guaranteed 24-hour response time, allowing users to access assistance beyond the standard installation.

Preinstalled System Components: The software image comes with a selection of preinstalled system components, such as AWS CLI, AWS CloudWatch Agent, AWS Systems Manager Agent, Python 3, and Cloud-Init. These components are designed to facilitate interactions with AWS services.

Comprehensive User Guide: For users’ convenience, a detailed user guide is available in the Additional Resources section of the listing, providing valuable instructions and insights.

Regular Updates: To maintain security and currency, all cloudimg offerings, including this one, receive updates upon initial boot to ensure that the latest packages and security enhancements are applied.

WildFly Description: It is described as a versatile, lightweight, managed application runtime. It boasts support for contemporary REST-based data access standards, including JAX-RS 2 and JSON-P. Built on Jakarta EE, it offers robust enterprise capabilities within user-friendly frameworks, reducing unnecessary complexity.

Test-Driven Development: Thanks to its quick boot feature and compatibility with the Arquillian framework, It enables test-driven development in an authentic environment. Test code can be seamlessly deployed alongside applications, granting full access to server resources for comprehensive testing.

Efficient Memory Management and Configuration: It adopts an efficient approach to memory management and supports pluggable subsystems that can be added or removed as required. Configuration is centralized, straightforward, and user-centric, with subsystem-based organization, eliminating the need for users to delve into internal server details.

Trademark Disclaimer: A disclaimer is included, stating that the trademarks mentioned in the offering belong to their respective companies. The use of these trademarks does not imply any affiliation or endorsement.

In summary, this software package offers a preconfigured environment for running WildFly 26 on RedHat 8. It includes various preinstalled components and provides enhanced support options, making it a convenient choice for users seeking a robust and up-to-date application runtime environment.