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This text outlines the features and offerings of a software package named “WildFly 26 on CentOS Streams 8,” which is provided by cloudimg. Here’s a summarized version:

Software Package: This is a modified version of WildFly 26, and additional charges apply if you want round-the-clock support with a guaranteed 24-hour response time.

Included Components: The package comes with various system components preinstalled, including AWS CLI, AWS CloudWatch Agent, AWS Systems Manager Agent, Python 3, and Cloud-Init. These components enhance the software’s capabilities.

User Guide: A comprehensive user guide is available in the Additional Resources section, aiding users in understanding and utilizing the software effectively.

Automatic Updates: On its first boot, the software is automatically updated to ensure it includes the latest packages and security updates.

About WildFly: It is described as a lightweight, flexible application runtime supporting modern standards for REST-based data access like JAX-RS 2 and JSON-P. It’s built on Jakarta EE, providing powerful enterprise capabilities with minimal technical overhead.

Test-Driven Development: It is conducive to test-driven development through the Arquillian framework, allowing developers to test code in the actual runtime environment.

Efficient Memory Management: It is known for its efficient memory management and supports pluggable subsystems. Configuration is centralized, user-friendly, and avoids exposing internal server details.

Trademark Disclaimer: The text clarifies that the trademarks mentioned in the offering belong to their respective companies and that their use does not imply any affiliation or endorsement.

In essence, this text provides details about the WildFly 26 on CentOS Streams 8 software package, including its components, support options, and a brief overview of its features, with a disclaimer regarding trademark usage. Users interested in this package can find further guidance in the included user guide.