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It is a comprehensive platform that provides access to OpenFOAM, an open-source computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software package. This platform offers several key features:

OpenFOAM: It primarily focuses on delivering OpenFOAM, a widely used CFD software in both academic and commercial settings. Known for its versatility, OpenFOAM is suitable for various engineering and scientific applications.

Ubuntu Linux LTS: It operates on a long-term support (LTS) version of Ubuntu Linux. LTS versions are known for their stability and receive ongoing security updates, making them ideal for production environments.

Web-Based Access: Users can connect to CFDDFC through a web browser, enabling remote desktop access. This convenient feature allows users to leverage the platform’s capabilities from any location with an internet connection.

SSH Access: In addition to web access, It also provides Secure Shell (SSH) access, ensuring secure and efficient remote management and control of CFD simulations.

Parallel Processing: It fully utilizes OpenFOAM’s support for parallel processing. This enables users to maximize the computational power of multi-core processors and high-performance computing clusters, speeding up simulations.

Meshing Tools: It includes meshing tools, with a notable mention of “snappyHexMesh.” This parallelized mesher excels in handling intricate CAD geometries, a critical step in CFD simulations.

Pre- and Post-Processing: It integrates pre- and post-processing capabilities into the platform. These tools are essential for setting up simulations, analyzing results, and visualizing data, streamlining the entire CFD workflow.

Diverse Applications: OpenFOAM’s versatility allows CFDDFC to support a wide range of applications. These include simulating complex fluid flows with features like chemical reactions, turbulence, and heat transfer, as well as solid dynamics and electromagnetics. This broad applicability caters to engineers and researchers across various fields.

In summary, It is a comprehensive platform simplifying the utilization of OpenFOAM for CFD simulations. It offers web-based and SSH access, harnesses the power of parallel processing, and incorporates essential meshing and pre-/post-processing tools. This makes it an invaluable resource for engineers and researchers in diverse fields seeking efficient CFD simulations.