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Overview of Repackaged TensorFlow with Professional Support

This offering presents a tailored version of TensorFlow, a renowned open-source machine learning platform, bundled with professional support services for businesses. It is a comprehensive open-source ecosystem designed to facilitate machine learning research and empower developers to effortlessly create and deploy machine learning applications.

Key Components of the Image:

The repackaged TensorFlow stack comprises the following key components:

TensorFlow 2.8
Nginx 1.20
Python 3.7
Amazon Linux 2

Minimum EC2 Requirements:

To effectively utilize this package, an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance with a minimum configuration of at least 1 core CPU and 1GB of memory is required.


This offering caters to a diverse range of machine learning applications and is positioned as a versatile “Machine Learning Framework for All.” It serves as a valuable resource for researchers, data scientists, and developers seeking to leverage TensorFlow within a business context.

Intellectual Property Statement:

It’s important to note that this package incorporates various open-source and freely available software components. However, the copyrights, patents, and trademarks associated with these components remain the legal property of their original owners. For example, TensorFlow, along with its logo and related marks, are trademarks owned by Google Inc. It is distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

In essence, its offering, coupled with professional support, equips businesses with a potent tool for harnessing the potential of machine learning in their applications. Users should remain mindful of the intellectual property rights and licensing terms governing the included software elements.