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This is a robust and versatile enterprise-grade solution for software-defined storage and resiliency. It excels in managing storage resources and ensuring the availability of applications and data across diverse infrastructures, including physical servers, virtual environments, and cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Here are some key features and highlights of Veritas™ InfoScale Enterprise:

Storage Management: It offers comprehensive tools for efficiently managing, scaling, and optimizing storage resources, providing a solid foundation for a reliable and scalable storage infrastructure.

Application and Data Availability: This solution boasts advanced features for maintaining the availability and performance of critical applications and data through robust clustering and resiliency mechanisms.

Heterogeneous Support: It is versatile, supporting various platforms and technologies. It can effectively manage and protect data in diverse IT environments.

Cloud Integration: This version of InfoScale Enterprise is tailored for seamless integration with cloud environments, particularly AWS. This enables organizations to leverage AWS services and infrastructure to run their top-tier applications, offering flexibility and scalability.

Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL): This particular edition of InfoScale Enterprise operates on a BYOL model, empowering organizations to use their existing licenses when deploying the solution on AWS. This simplifies licensing and cost management.

Automated Deployment: InfoScale Enterprise can be deployed on AWS using AWS CloudFormation templates. This automated process streamlines deployment, enhancing efficiency, and reducing the potential for manual errors.

Cluster Configuration: During the automated deployment process, InfoScale Enterprise configures a cluster, which can encompass up to 8 nodes. Clustering is vital for ensuring high availability and fault tolerance.

License Key: The product initially comes with a 60-day keyless license. Users are required to add a valid license key within 60 days of installation to continue using the product.

In summary, This stands out as a flexible storage and availability solution suited for enterprise IT environments. It delivers essential capabilities for storage management, high availability, cloud integration, and automation to address the evolving needs of modern organizations. This BYOL version is specifically designed for AWS deployments, simplifying the adoption of cloud computing while safeguarding the availability of critical applications and data.