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Introducing Veritas Alta™ Data Protection, the hidden gem of data security solutions tailored to meet your business needs.

If you find yourself navigating the complexities of data protection while migrating to AWS, look no further. Veritas Alta Data Protection, built on the proven NetBackup framework, simplifies cloud utilization by optimizing the transfer, migration, and failover of applications to any public or private cloud. Cloud administrators and architects can rest easy, knowing that their data is secure and can be recovered seamlessly through automation and orchestration.

Through seamless integration with Veritas CloudPoint and Resiliency Platform, AWS users can elevate their cloud capabilities, optimizing object storage and enhancing resilience. We’ve streamlined the process further by offering AWS solution templates for the rapid deployment of multiple Veritas Alta Data Protection assets with just a few clicks.

Veritas Alta Data Protection stands out as the sole solution that affords you the flexibility to ensure swift recovery across diverse environments, whether it’s hybrid physical setups, virtual environments, or multi-cloud landscapes. Your data’s protection and recoverability are in capable hands with Veritas Alta™ Data Protection.