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This is a high-quality, versatile software-defined storage and resiliency solution designed for enterprise-level needs. It excels in managing storage resources effectively, making them robust, easily manageable, and scalable. Additionally, it ensures the availability of applications and data, delivering reliability, predictability, and high performance across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

It offers a comprehensive suite of storage and clustering features, making it an ideal choice for organizations aiming to run their most critical tier-1 applications in the cloud. It enables businesses to align with their operational requirements by harnessing the capabilities of public cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This product is installed using a 60-day keyless license, allowing users to evaluate its capabilities during this period. After the initial 60 days, users are required to input a valid license key to continue using the product. This approach provides organizations with an opportunity to assess InfoScale Enterprise before making a full commitment.