An IIHT Company

Managing and processing Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) data poses significant challenges due to the sheer volume of information. Simultaneously, the demand for increased sequencing throughput is outpacing the IT industry’s ability to provide the necessary infrastructure. Our vision entails a world where millions, if not billions, of genetic samples need to be processed, analyzed, and stored as a reference on an annual basis.

To expedite NGS data processing, we have developed a cloud-based solution that operates on the Amazon EC2 F1 instance. This instance is equipped with a cutting-edge FPGA accelerator, capable of unlocking the full potential of our state-of-the-art VAVILOV genomics engine.

Our primary focus is on accelerating the entire NGS data processing pipeline. We are thrilled to announce our initial product—a remarkably fast short read aligner (FASTQ to SAM). This aligner significantly improves the speed of most reference genome assembly pipelines, achieving a speedup of 12-25 times compared to traditional methods.

Here’s to addressing the pressing challenges of NGS data processing and ushering in an era where genetic data can be efficiently managed and utilized to advance scientific research and applications.