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Product Description:

This is a rebranded open-source software product offered by AskforCloud LLC, which includes additional fees for support and maintenance.

HashiCorp Vault serves as an advanced solution for managing secrets and encryption, with a focus on identity-based security. Secrets encompass sensitive data such as API encryption keys, passwords, and certificates. Vault ensures robust security by providing encryption services that are controlled through authentication and authorization methods. Whether using Vault’s graphical interface, command-line tools, or HTTP API, it enables secure storage, precise access control, and comprehensive auditing of secrets and sensitive information.

In modern systems, the demand for managing a wide array of secrets is commonplace. These encompass credentials for databases, API keys, and communication credentials for service-oriented architectures, among others. Determining who has access to which secrets can be a complex task, especially given platform-specific variations. Implementing essential security features like key rotation, secure storage, and detailed audit logs can be a formidable challenge without a dedicated solution. This is where HashiCorp Vault steps in.


It is important to clarify that this virtual machine offering contains free and open-source software. The software and trademarks featured in this offering are the sole property of their respective owners. AskforCloud LLC does not provide commercial licenses for the mentioned product. HashiCorp Vault is a registered trademark of HashiCorp Inc. Additionally, it is distributed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0.