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This is a rebranded open-source software product that AskforCloud LLC offers with supplementary fees for support and maintenance. HashiCorp Vault serves as an identity-centric system for managing secrets and encryption.

Secrets encompass sensitive information like API encryption keys, passwords, and certificates, which require strict control over access. Vault provides encryption services, gated by authentication and authorization methods. It facilitates secure storage and management of secrets and sensitive data through the Vault UI, CLI, or HTTP API, ensuring stringent control and auditability.

In the context of modern systems, managing a plethora of secrets, including database credentials and API keys, is a complex task. Tracking who accesses specific secrets, particularly across diverse platforms, is challenging. Additionally, implementing features like key rotation, secure storage, and comprehensive audit logs typically necessitates a bespoke solution. This is where Vault steps in to simplify and centralize the management of secrets and encryption, offering a standardized and secure alternative to custom solutions.