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The Hossted Ubuntu deployment presents several advantages compared to the standard Ubuntu community edition:

Hossted Dashboard: Utilizing the Hossted CLI and Dashboard simplifies the management of your Ubuntu application. Tasks such as configuring custom domains and monitoring your Ubuntu instance become straightforward, granting you complete control over your deployment.

Instant Deployment: Hossted excels in delivering Ubuntu instances swiftly, with the capability to set up a fully functional system in under 5 minutes. This rapid deployment feature proves invaluable for organizations requiring quick scalability or adhering to tight project timelines.

Advanced Security Measures: Hossted significantly enhances Ubuntu’s security posture by implementing industry best practices. This includes built-in SSL support, secure access methods, and guidelines for regularly updating system images. Routine scans and updates bolster application security, a critical consideration for enterprise deployments.

Enhanced Support (Optional): Hossted extends the option of top-tier support services for Ubuntu deployments. This encompasses assistance with seamless cloud integration, expert input from the community, and responsive customer support. Access to professional assistance becomes particularly essential for organizations relying on Ubuntu for mission-critical functions.

Installation Assistance: In cases where you encounter challenges during the setup process, Hossted Premium Support stands ready to guide you through installation, configuration, and usage via both telephone and online chat. This ensures a trouble-free deployment experience, reducing potential downtime and frustrations.

Troubleshooting: When issues arise within your Ubuntu deployment, the support team collaborates with you to pinpoint and rectify them. Whether these issues pertain to installation, configuration, or code-related problems, their assistance ensures the swift resolution of system problems.

Known Defects & Fixes: Should you encounter software bugs within your Ubuntu environment, Hossted can assist you in identifying available corrective service information and obtaining any essential patches from the open-source provider. This support guarantees the stability and security of your deployment.

In summary, Hossted’s Ubuntu deployment strives to elevate the standard Ubuntu community edition into a more secure, supported, and controlled enterprise-grade solution. It provides user-friendly management tools, rapid deployment capabilities, enhanced security, and the option for professional support services to cater to the diverse needs of organizations.