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Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a Smart Amazon Machine Image (SmartAMI). Here’s a breakdown of the key details:

Software Package: Terracloudx offers a bundled software product that features Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS as an HVM image on AWS.

Customization: They have tailored this Ubuntu Server image to potentially include specific configurations or additional packages, optimizing it for particular use cases.

Optional Technical Support: Customers have the option to subscribe to Terracloudx’s technical support services, incurring additional charges. This allows customers to access assistance for any issues they encounter when utilizing the Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS image.

Regular Updates: Terracloudx ensures that their SmartAMI is regularly updated. These updates encompass the latest packages and software updates, guaranteeing that customers have access to the most recent software improvements and security patches.

Notification of New Releases: Customers will receive notifications whenever a new version of the SmartAMI becomes available. This enables customers to remain informed about the latest enhancements and features.

Advantages of Using Current Versions: Terracloudx highlights the benefits of employing an up-to-date version of Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS. These advantages encompass easier management, quicker deployments, and enhanced security due to the inclusion of the latest software packages and updates.

Quality Assurance: Prior to release, SmartAMI engineers at Terracloudx thoroughly test the image. This testing ensures that the image is free from dependency issues and functions seamlessly within the AWS environment, reducing the likelihood of deployment complications.

In summary, Terracloudx offers a comprehensive and supported solution for deploying Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS on AWS. This package includes the option for technical support, regular updates, and a focus on providing a reliable and optimized experience for AWS users.