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This text introduces a software package called “WildFly 26 on Ubuntu Server 22.04,” which is distributed through cloudimg. Here’s a breakdown of the essential information conveyed in the text:

Software Package: This offering is described as a reconfigured software solution, indicating its inclusion of WildFly 26 along with additional system components.

Support with Additional Costs: Users have the option to access round-the-clock support for this software, but it comes at an additional expense. The support service guarantees a response within 24 hours.

Included Components: The image comes equipped with preinstalled system components, including AWS CLI, AWS CloudWatch Agent, AWS Systems Manager Agent, Python 3, and Cloud-Init.

User Guide: A comprehensive user guide can be located in the Additional Resources section of this listing, providing detailed instructions on effective software utilization.

Updates: The text underscores that all cloudimg offerings receive updates during their initial boot to ensure the incorporation of the latest packages and security enhancements.

WildFly: WildFly is introduced as a flexible, lightweight, and managed application runtime, designed to streamline the development of exceptional applications. It boasts compatibility with modern standards such as JAX-RS 2 and JSON-P. Moreover, it builds upon Jakarta EE, offering robust enterprise capabilities through user-friendly frameworks that minimize repetitive coding and technical complexities.

Test-Driven Development: The text emphasizes that WildFly’s rapid startup, coupled with compatibility with the Arquillian framework, supports test-driven development. Developers can create and assess their code within an environment that closely mimics the production setting.

Memory Management: WildFly is characterized by its proactive approach to memory management. It operates on a modular system of plug-and-play subsystems that can be added or removed as needed. Configuration is simplified, user-centric, and structured by subsystems, eliminating the need to delve into intricate internal server mechanisms.

Trademark Disclaimer: The text includes a disclaimer stressing that any trademarks mentioned within the offering belong to their respective companies. The use of these trademarks does not imply any affiliation or endorsement.

In summary, this offering provides a preconfigured WildFly 26 on an Ubuntu Server 22.04 image, with the option to include additional components and access support services at an extra cost. The focus remains on its adaptability, lightweight design, support for modern standards, and features promoting test-driven development and efficient memory management. Users can refer to the provided user guide for comprehensive guidance on optimizing software utilization.