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The AMI consists of a minimal installation of Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS, which is regularly updated at the time of upload and receives ongoing updates.

This image includes only the essential packages required for optimal performance on AWS. It also features an SSL server for secure connections, allowing access using specified user credentials and keys provided at launch.

Ubuntu Server is recognized for its economic and technical scalability, making it suitable for use in both public and private data centers.

Notably, Ubuntu Server LTS (Long-Term Support) releases, such as 20.04, benefit from five years of standard security updates for approximately 2,500 packages from the Ubuntu Main repository. Additionally, interim releases are available every six months, introducing new features, and hardware enablement updates ensure compatibility with the latest machines.

Whether you need a simple file server or plan to build a large-scale cloud infrastructure with thousands of nodes, Ubuntu Server provides a dependable choice with five years of guaranteed free upgrades.