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Minimal Ubuntu Server images, maintained by Cloud Infrastructure Services, cater to automated, scalable deployment needs. These images prioritize efficiency, utilizing optimized kernels and boot processes tailored to their intended computing environments. They distinguish themselves by offering a minimal default package selection, omitting many interactive tools, resulting in smaller image sizes, quicker boot times, and reduced long-term security update requirements.

Although Minimal instances may not offer a comfortable command-line experience, users can easily augment them with desired packages and tools using standard package managers like ‘apt-get’ and ‘snap install.’ In cases where interactive use is necessary, the ‘unminimize’ command can transform a Minimal instance into a standard Ubuntu Server environment.

Despite their minimalism, these images maintain full access to the Ubuntu archive’s software repository, ensuring a wide range of available software and robust security maintenance. With comprehensive snap support, Minimal Ubuntu Server images offer flexibility comparable to their regular counterparts, making them suitable for a variety of use cases.