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“This product is a customized distribution of open-source software, leveraging Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS as its foundation. It should be noted that while the core software is open-source.

The AMI is designed with a minimal installation of Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS and is meticulously maintained to incorporate the latest updates at the time of upload. It comes with an SSL server for secure connections to the instance, utilizing user credentials and specified keys during launch.

One of the notable strengths of Ubuntu Server is its economic and technical scalability, making it a versatile choice for deployment in datacenters, public clouds, or private clouds. Ubuntu Server LTS releases stand out for their long-term support, offering security updates for approximately 2,500 packages in the Ubuntu Main repository for a standard period of five years. Additionally, interim releases are introduced every six months, bringing new features, while hardware enablement updates ensure compatibility with the latest hardware.

Whether you’re aiming to set up a basic file server or construct a vast cloud infrastructure with tens of thousands of nodes, Ubuntu Server provides a dependable solution with the added advantage of five years of complimentary upgrades.”