An IIHT Company

Product Description:
This product is a customized version of open source software with optional support services available for an extra charge. HOSSTED products are known for their top-tier support and monitoring, underpinned by our active participation in the open source community. This enterprise-ready application includes the following features:

Live Support
Built-in SSL
Custom URL
Integration with Azure Active Directory
Migration Assistance
For any installation-related issues, please get in touch with us at Upon contacting us, our DevOps team will schedule a video call with you within one business day.

About Ubuntu:
Ubuntu is a Linux-based operating system tailored for computers, smartphones, and network servers. Noteworthy features include:

Compatibility with Windows software on the desktop version
Support for LibreOffice
In-built email software named Thunderbird
A variety of free applications for photo and video editing
Smart search functionality
Strong support from the open source community
Support Services:
Our support services encompass remote assistance via telephone or online communication. We assist with:

Basic installation, usage, and configuration inquiries
Troubleshooting to pinpoint the root causes of issues, including help with interpreting traces and dumps for installation and code-related problems
For known defects, we guide you to available corrective service information and explain how to obtain program patches from the open-source supplier.