An IIHT Company

“This is a modified version of open source softer with an additional fee for technical support services provided by the company. To access technical support,What sets us apart is the added layer of technical assistance accompanying our virtual machines. Although our support is limited, our expert team is skilled at resolving common user issues, ensuring smooth operations. This means that when using our virtual machines, you have a dependable support system to rely on, forming a part of our commitment to providing excellent customer service and an enhanced user experience.
Ubuntu 22.04 (ARM) virtual machine image comes preconfigured and regularly updated with security controls to protect sensitive data’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Ubuntu 22.04 (ARM) image, businesses can effortlessly establish a secure and compliant workspace, reducing the time and resources typically needed for security setup. Our image is consistently updated to address the latest security threats and compliance regulations, giving customers confidence in the security of their data.

We have a team of specialists well-versed in security and compliance standards. This ensures that our virtual machine image is carefully engineered to meet the highest security requirements. Furthermore, our skilled team provides continuous support to ensure our customers’ security needs are met, demonstrating our commitment to offering a secure and exceptional user experience.”