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SAP PPQM (Production Planning and Quality Management) is an integrated module within SAP ERP that combines production planning and quality management functions. It is designed to help organizations optimize their production processes while ensuring the highest levels of product quality.

SAP PPQM supports production planning by allowing organizations to create production plans, schedules, and allocate resources efficiently to meet demand. Simultaneously, it integrates seamlessly with SAP QM (Quality Management) to ensure that production processes adhere to strict quality standards and regulations.

Key features include quality inspection processes, quality notifications for issue reporting, quality certificates for validating product quality, and robust reporting and analytics tools. This module also facilitates material traceability throughout the production process, crucial for industries like pharmaceuticals, food, and automotive, where product quality and compliance are paramount.

SAP PPQM empowers organizations to produce high-quality products efficiently, reduce defects, and maintain compliance with regulatory standards, enhancing overall product quality and customer satisfaction.