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SAP MDG (Master Data Governance) is a robust software solution developed by SAP to manage and govern an organization’s critical master data effectively. Master data includes information such as customer details, product information, vendor data, and employee records, which are essential for core business processes. SAP MDG provides a centralized platform for creating, managing, and enforcing data governance policies to ensure data accuracy and consistency.

Key features of SAP MDG include data consolidation to identify and resolve duplicates, data quality tools for validation and enhancement, workflow-driven processes for data creation and approval, and robust integration capabilities with other systems. It also offers auditing and monitoring functions to track data changes and maintain compliance with governance rules.

SAP MDG enhances data accuracy, reduces errors, and facilitates data distribution across the organization. It is highly customizable to meet specific data governance needs and supports multi-domain governance. This solution is particularly valuable for large enterprises with complex data governance requirements, helping them maintain reliable and high-quality master data.