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Bolt is an open-source orchestration tool that simplifies the automation of tasks related to infrastructure management. Here are some key points about Bolt:

Automation: Bolt is designed to automate various tasks that are typically performed manually when maintaining infrastructure. This includes tasks related to servers, network devices, and cloud services.

On-Demand Changes: Users can use Bolt to make on-demand changes to remote targets, such as updating and patching systems, troubleshooting servers, deploying applications, or starting and stopping services. Essentially, it enables automation of routine operational tasks.

Open Source: Bolt is an open-source tool, which means it is freely available for users to use, modify, and contribute to. Open-source tools often benefit from community-driven development and innovation.

Trademark Disclaimer: The description includes a disclaimer that clarifies that trademarks associated with the product are owned by their respective owners. It also mentions that AskforCloud LLC does not offer commercial licenses for the product, emphasizing its open-source nature.

In summary, Bolt is a tool that simplifies the automation of infrastructure-related tasks, making it easier to manage servers, network devices, and cloud services. It is open source and designed to be used for free, with additional charges potentially applying for support and maintenance provided by AskforCloud LLC.