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This description outlines a repackaged open-source software product, Prometheus, offered by GlobalSolutions. It includes additional charges for support and the convenience of providing it as an easily consumable Amazon Machine Image (AMI). Here are the key points from the description:

Prometheus Monitoring Tool: Prometheus is introduced as an open-source system monitoring and alerting application. It is designed to collect and store time-series metrics data.

Multi-Dimensional Data Model: The description emphasizes Prometheus’s multi-dimensional data model, which allows metrics to be identified not just by name but also by key/value pairs. This feature enhances the flexibility of metric categorization.

Additional Components: GlobalSolutions has installed and configured additional components to enhance Prometheus’s capabilities. These components include Prometheus itself, a Cloudwatch Exporter, and Grafana.

Simplified AWS Cloud Metric Collection: The description highlights that users can subscribe to this service to start gathering AWS Cloudwatch metrics easily. This suggests that Prometheus can be used to monitor and collect metrics from AWS resources.

Cost-Effective Solution: A significant selling point is that subscribing to this AMI is cost-effective. It’s mentioned that users can achieve similar monitoring capabilities without the high costs associated with other solutions, making it an affordable option for AWS Cloud monitoring.

Subscription Model: Users are encouraged to subscribe to this AMI service, emphasizing the convenience of having Prometheus pre-installed and configured for AWS Cloud monitoring.

Overall, this description provides a clear overview of the Prometheus AMI offering by GlobalSolutions. It highlights the cost savings and convenience of using Prometheus for AWS Cloud monitoring while emphasizing the added components and support offered by GlobalSolutions. Users looking for an affordable and effective monitoring solution for AWS Cloud resources may find this product appealing.