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This description outlines a repackaged open-source software product, Prometheus, which comes with additional charges for support and simplified deployment as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI). Here are the key points from the description:

Prometheus Monitoring Tool: Prometheus is introduced as an open-source monitoring tool equipped with a time-series database. It is designed to collect and store time-series metrics data.

Multi-Dimensional Data Model: Prometheus is highlighted for its multi-dimensional data model. This means that metrics are not just identified by metric names but also by key/value pairs, allowing for richer and more flexible categorization of metrics.

Additional Components: The description mentions that, as part of this AMI, several components have been installed and configured, including Prometheus, WMI Exporter, and Grafana. These components enhance the monitoring and visualization capabilities of Prometheus.

Subscription Model: It’s noted that customers can easily subscribe to this AMI, simplifying the process of acquiring and deploying Prometheus for monitoring purposes.

Support and Convenience Charges: Additional charges are applied for support and for providing Prometheus in a ready-to-use AMI form. This suggests that customers can benefit from the convenience of having Prometheus pre-installed and configured, along with the option to receive support.

This description provides a clear overview of what customers can expect when subscribing to the Prometheus AMI from GlobalSolutions. It emphasizes the ease of use and support options while acknowledging the open-source nature of Prometheus. Users interested in this product should consider the added convenience and support provided by GlobalSolutions when making their decision.