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This is a description of a repackaged open-source software product with additional charges for support and maintenance by AskforCloud LLC. The product in question is Prometheus, which is an open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit originally developed at SoundCloud. Here are the key points from the description:

Open Source: Prometheus is emphasized as being 100% open source and community-driven.

Licensing: The software is available under the Apache 2 License on GitHub, making it open and freely accessible.

Metric Storage: Prometheus is designed for collecting and storing metrics as time series data, with each metric associated with a timestamp. It also supports optional key-value pairs called labels, which provide additional context for the metrics.

Features: The description highlights several key features of Prometheus:

A multi-dimensional data model that allows metrics to be identified by metric name and key/value pairs.
PromQL, a flexible query language for leveraging this multi-dimensional data model to perform queries and analysis.
Independence from distributed storage, meaning that single server nodes are autonomous and can function independently.
Time series data collection occurs via a pull model over HTTP.
Support for pushing time series data through an intermediary gateway.
The ability to discover monitoring targets via service discovery or static configuration.
Multiple modes of graphing and dashboarding support for visualizing collected metrics.
The disclaimer at the end of the description clarifies that the virtual machine offer contains free and open-source software. It mentions that any trademarks used in the offer belong to their respective owners. Importantly, it states that AskforCloud LLC does not offer a commercial license for Prometheus, and the software is distributed under the Apache License 2.0. It also recognizes Prometheus as a registered trademark of The Linux Foundation.

This description provides an overview of Prometheus, its open-source nature, features, and licensing terms, along with information about additional charges for support and maintenance by AskforCloud LLC. Users interested in this product should be aware of these details before proceeding.