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This is a repackaged open-source software product that comes with additional charges for technical support and maintenance provided Here are the key points from the description:

Secure Product: This product is described as a pre-configured, one-click secure solution. It is designed for use by DevOps professionals, monitoring professionals, students, and beginners.

Components: The product includes two key components:

Prometheus: Prometheus is an open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit that was originally built at SoundCloud. It is known for its active developer and user community and is used for monitoring various systems and applications.
Grafana: Grafana is an open-source platform that helps users analyze and monitor their data, including data from databases. It supports creating dashboards and setting up alerts for proactive maintenance.
Ownership and Licensing: The description mentions that the trademarks of the respective products are owned by the respective companies. It also clarifies that they do not provide commercial licenses for these products, as many of them have free, demo, or open-source licenses available.

Overall, this product offers a convenient and solution for monitoring and alerting using Prometheus and data visualization using Grafana. Users can access technical support and maintenance services for this product through Apps4Rent for an additional fee.