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This Amazon Machine Image (AMI) provides a monitoring stack featuring Prometheus 2.18 and Grafana 7.0. Here are the key points from the description:

Monitoring Stack: The AMI includes a monitoring stack, which typically consists of Prometheus and Grafana.

Prometheus 2.18: This version of Prometheus, which is an open-source monitoring and alerting toolkit, is included in the AMI.

Grafana 7.0: Grafana, an open-source platform for data monitoring and visualization, is also included, with version 7.0.

Scalable Monitoring: The description suggests that users can build a scalable monitoring and alerting system using these open-source solutions. Prometheus is known for its scalability and flexibility in collecting and querying metrics data.

Data Visualization: Grafana is highlighted for its data visualization capabilities, allowing users to create dashboards and visualizations for monitoring data.

Overall, this AMI provides a monitoring solution that combines Prometheus and Grafana, which are popular choices in the world of open-source monitoring and data visualization. Users seeking to set up a scalable monitoring and alerting system with robust data visualization may find this AMI appealing.