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The description you provided pertains to Presto, an open-source distributed SQL query engine used for querying data in a federated manner across various data sources. Here’s a breakdown of the key points mentioned:

Presto: Presto is an open-source SQL query engine designed for querying and analyzing data across diverse data sources, regardless of where the data resides. It’s particularly well-suited for querying data lakes and data warehouses.

Open Data Lakehouse: Presto is mentioned in the context of the “Open Data Lakehouse.” The term “data lakehouse” refers to a modern data architecture that combines the features of a data warehouse and a data lake, providing flexibility and analytics capabilities.

AWS AMI (Amazon Machine Image): The description mentions the availability of an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for PrestoDB. This AMI likely contains a environment for running Presto on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It simplifies the setup process for users who want to deploy Presto on AWS.

Ahana Cloud Community Edition: The description also suggests an alternative way to run Presto on AWS by using Ahana Cloud Community Edition. Ahana offers a managed service for Presto on AWS, which includes various features such as a Hive metadata catalog, data source configuration (including S3), and basic business intelligence (BI) support using Apache Superset. This is positioned as a convenient way to set up and manage Presto for querying data in an Open Data Lakehouse architecture.

In summary, Presto is highlighted as a powerful tool for querying data across various sources, and users have the option to deploy it using an AWS AMI or through Ahana Cloud Community Edition for AWS, depending on their specific needs and preferences.