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The provided information describes a repackaged open-source software product related to PowerDNS, a DNS (Domain Name System) server software. Here are the key points:

Repackaged Open Source Software: This product is based on the open-source PowerDNS software. It is described as a “repackaged” version, which may include additional features, configurations, or services beyond what is available in the standard PowerDNS community edition.

Additional Charges for Supplementary Services: Users of this product may incur additional charges for supplementary services provided by Hossted. These services are designed to enhance the functionality, security, and support for PowerDNS beyond what is offered in the standard community edition.

Hossted Dashboard: The product includes a Hossted CLI and Dashboard that provides users with tools to manage their PowerDNS application. This includes tasks such as setting up custom domains, monitoring PowerDNS instances, and gaining control over the DNS service.

Instant Deployment: Hossted claims to offer a quick deployment solution for PowerDNS, allowing users to set up their DNS service in less than 5 minutes. The provided video demonstrates the simplicity of the deployment process.

Advanced Security Measures: Hossted emphasizes enhanced security measures for PowerDNS, including best practices, built-in SSL, secure access, and guidelines for routine image updates. Regular scans and updates are performed to ensure a high level of application security.

Enhanced Support (Optional): Users have the option to access enhanced support services, which may include assistance with deployment, troubleshooting, identifying and fixing known defects, and obtaining patches from open source suppliers.

Hossted Premium Support: This support service is available to assist PowerDNS users with installation, troubleshooting, and addressing known defects and issues. It is designed to be a valuable resource for organizations needing help with PowerDNS-related matters.

Contact Information: Users are directed to visit the Hossted support website ( to connect with the support team. Hossted offers scheduled calls and assistance for PowerDNS-related inquiries.

In summary, this product offers an extended and supported version of PowerDNS, along with additional services, tools, and security measures provided by Hossted. Users can choose to access premium support services to address various PowerDNS-related needs.