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The provided information introduces a PostgreSQL image for Ubuntu 19.04 offered by Cloudmint. Here are the key points:

PostgreSQL Image: Cloudmint offers an image of PostgreSQL for Ubuntu 19.04. This image is likely for users to easily set up and run PostgreSQL on an Ubuntu 19.04-based environment.

Disclaimer: The disclaimer in the description states that the trademarks mentioned in the offering are owned by their respective companies. It also clarifies that no commercial licenses for these products are provided. Instead, the products are made available under free, demo, or open-source licenses.

PostgreSQL Authentication: The description mentions that PostgreSQL supports multiple client authentication methods. It specifically highlights the use of the IDENT authentication method for postgres and local users, unless it’s configured differently. This provides users with information about how PostgreSQL handles authentication.

Cross-Platform: PostgreSQL is described as a cross-platform database system that runs on many operating systems. This highlights the versatility of PostgreSQL, making it suitable for various environments and platforms.

In summary, Cloudmint offers a PostgreSQL image for Ubuntu 19.04, providing users with a convenient way to deploy PostgreSQL on this specific operating system version. The disclaimer emphasizes the open-source or free nature of the included products, and information about PostgreSQL’s authentication methods and cross-platform capabilities is also provided.