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The provided information describes a PostgreSQL image with CentOS 7. Here are the key points:

Offering: Cognosys offers a specially PostgreSQL image that can be used with CentOS 7. This image likely includes PostgreSQL and any necessary configurations to run it effectively on a CentOS 7 environment.

Disclaimer: The information includes a disclaimer stating that any trademarks mentioned in the offering are owned by their respective companies. It also clarifies that the offering does not provide commercial licenses for these products. Instead, many of the products in the image have free, demo, or open-source licenses as applicable.

PostgreSQL Features: The information highlights that PostgreSQL supports advanced data types and advanced performance optimization. It also mentions that PostgreSQL offers features that are typically found in expensive commercial databases like Oracle and SQL Server. This emphasizes the capabilities and cost-effectiveness of PostgreSQL as an open-source database solution.

In summary, the information introduces a PostgreSQL image for use with CentOS 7, provides a disclaimer regarding trademarks and licensing, and highlights some of PostgreSQL’s advanced features and cost advantages compared to commercial databases.