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The provided information describes PostgreSQL, an open-source relational SQL database management system. Here are the key points:

PostgreSQL: PostgreSQL is identified as the most popular open-source relational SQL database management system. It’s widely used for developing web-based software applications.

Version: The specific version mentioned is PostgreSQL 10.15. This indicates the version of PostgreSQL that is included in the offering.

Accessing PostgreSQL: To use PostgreSQL, users are instructed to log into the “postgres” account. The command sudo -i -u postgres is provided for this purpose. Once logged in, users can access the PostgreSQL prompt using psql.

TCP Port: PostgreSQL typically listens on TCP port 5432 by default. However, the note specifies that it is not opened on the public interface for security reasons. This is a common security practice to restrict access to the database server.

Disclaimer: The information includes a disclaimer stating that any trademarks mentioned in the offering belong to their respective companies. It also clarifies that the offering does not provide commercial licenses for these products and that many of them have free, demo, or open-source licenses.

In summary, the information provides an overview of PostgreSQL, its version, instructions for accessing it, and a disclaimer regarding trademarks and licensing. It emphasizes security by mentioning the default TCP port’s restriction on public access.