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This description provides information about a repackaged open-source PostgreSQL software product that comes with additional charges for support and is available as a simple consumable Amazon Machine Image (AMI). Here are the key points highlighted in the description:

Powerful Database System: PostgreSQL is described as a powerful object-relational database system known for its capabilities and performance.

Strong Security Model: PostgreSQL is noted for offering the best security model among open-source databases, emphasizing its focus on data security.

High Availability Features: The database is said to include high availability features that surpass those found in other standard databases. This suggests that PostgreSQL is suitable for applications and systems requiring continuous availability.

Production Load Optimization: The database is fine-tuned for production loads, indicating that it’s optimized to handle real-world, high-demand scenarios.

Enterprise-Grade AMI: Users are encouraged to subscribe to a hardened, production-ready, enterprise-grade AMI. This suggests that the AMI is for enterprise use and is suitable for deploying in production environments.

OS-Level Security Patching: The description mentions that the offering includes OS-level security patching, which can be enabled through their patching solution. This indicates a focus on maintaining the security of the underlying operating system.

Additional Information: The description invites users to learn more about the product, possibly by providing a link or other means of accessing further details.

Overall, this description aims to highlight the strengths of PostgreSQL as a database system, its security features, and the availability of a and secure AMI for enterprise use, with an emphasis on support and security patching options.