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This description provides information about a PostgreSQL offering by Cloudmint, emphasizing key points about the product. Here are the main takeaways from the description:

PostgreSQL with Ubuntu 19.04: Cloudmint offers a PostgreSQL image that is compatible with Ubuntu 19.04.

Trademark Disclaimer: The description includes a disclaimer stating that trademarks mentioned in the offering belong to their respective companies, and commercial licenses for these products are not provided. Instead, the product is offered under free, demo, or open-source licenses as applicable.

Client Authentication: PostgreSQL is noted for supporting multiple client authentication methods. Specifically, it mentions the IDENT authentication method used for PostgreSQL and local users, with the possibility of configuration.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: PostgreSQL is highlighted as a cross-platform database system, capable of running on various operating systems.

Overall, this description provides potential users with information about the PostgreSQL offering, its compatibility with Ubuntu 19.04, and its flexibility in terms of client authentication methods and cross-platform support.