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This description provides information about a repackaged open-source software product featuring PostgreSQL. Here are the key points:

Repackaged Open Source Software: The product is a repackaged version of open-source software. This suggests that it may include additional configurations or features tailored for specific use cases.

Additional Charges for Extended Support: The description mentions that customers can opt for extended support, and additional charges apply for this service. This extended support is characterized by a 24-hour response time, indicating a commitment to prompt assistance for users.

PostgreSQL 9.6 on Debian 9: The software image includes PostgreSQL version 9.6 and is based on the Debian 9 operating system. This provides information about the specific software versions included in the package.

Includes Support: The description explicitly states that this package includes support, which can be essential for users who require assistance with PostgreSQL-related issues or maintenance.

In summary, this offering provides a repackaged PostgreSQL 9.6 software product based on Debian 9, with the option for users to purchase extended support characterized by a 24-hour response time. This support can be valuable for users seeking assistance with PostgreSQL deployment and maintenance.