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This passage provides an overview of a repackaged open-source software product with a specific focus on additional charges related to operating system patching and maintenance services offered by Kurian. Here’s a summary of the main points:

PostgreSQL Introduction: The passage introduces PostgreSQL as an open-source object-relational database system. It is highlighted for its ability to use and extend the SQL language and its features for securely storing and scaling complex data workloads.

Key Features of PostgreSQL: The text emphasizes PostgreSQL’s features that cater to different user groups:

Developers: PostgreSQL is positioned as a tool to assist developers in building applications.
Administrators: It is noted as a platform for administrators to ensure data integrity and create fault-tolerant environments.
Data Management: PostgreSQL is portrayed as a versatile tool for managing data of any size.
Extensibility: The passage underscores PostgreSQL’s extensibility. Users are informed that they can define custom data types, create custom functions, and even write code in various programming languages without needing to recompile the database. This flexibility is highlighted.

Kurian’s Offerings: The text discusses Kurian’s role as a provider of preconfigured software applications. These include Content Management Systems (CMS) platforms, Jenkins, databases, the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), Ansible, popular DevOps tools, and monitoring applications. The target audience for these offerings is identified as system administrators and DevOps engineers.

Hardened Images: The passage mentions that Kurian offers hardened images for selected Linux distributions based on CIS benchmarks. These images are designed to enhance security and align with best practices for system configurations.

Ease of Use: The key advantage highlighted is that Kurian’s Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) are built following official installation steps. This simplifies the deployment process and eliminates the need for users to learn custom procedures when additional configurations are required.

Additional Charges: It is explicitly stated that additional charges apply for operating system patching and maintenance services provided by Kurian. This makes it clear that these services are not included in the base offering.

In summary, this passage effectively communicates the strengths of PostgreSQL as an open-source database system and emphasizes Kurian’s role as a provider of preconfigured software applications and hardened images. The mention of additional charges for specific services provided by Kurian is also made explicit.