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Thank you for the clarification. It appears that this is a repackaged software package that offers installation and configuration services specifically for PostgreSQL. The description mentions that PostgreSQL is a procedural programming language supported by the PostgreSQL ORDBMS (Object-Relational Database Management System).

To summarize:

Repackaged Software: This software package has been repackaged to provide installation and configuration services for PostgreSQL.

Charges for Installation and Configuration: Users are required to pay for the service of installing and configuring PostgreSQL. This suggests that users can get PostgreSQL set up with their desired configurations without having to do it themselves.

Procedural Programming Language: PostgreSQL is described as a procedural programming language, although it’s important to note that PostgreSQL is primarily an advanced open-source relational database management system (RDBMS). While it supports procedural programming through languages like PL/pgSQL, it is not primarily a programming language itself.

Supported by PostgreSQL ORDBMS: The description indicates that PostgreSQL is supported by the PostgreSQL ORDBMS. This could imply that the service includes features related to object-relational capabilities provided by PostgreSQL.

If you have any further questions or need more details about this service, I recommend reaching out to the provider for specific information about what is included in the installation and configuration service and their pricing structure.