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This product is a reconfigured version of open-source software, and additional fees apply for support provided by Bansir. Bansir Cloud is a renowned industry leader in application packaging. The company’s journey began with creating Windows and Linux installers for thousands of ISVs at Bitrock and has evolved into helping users deploy over 1 million applications per month. It has established itself as the premier supplier of ready-to-run virtual machines and cloud images to the world’s leading cloud providers. Throughout its history, Bansir Cloud has remained committed to its mission of making outstanding software accessible to all.

Today, Bansir Cloud continues to fulfill this mission by breaking down the barriers to adoption, enabling anyone to deploy and manage a wide range of server applications, development stacks, and infrastructure applications in virtually any desired format. Whether you are a non-technical user seeking to launch a business application or a web hosting environment, or an enterprise developer looking to expedite development or automate cloud migration, Bansir Cloud offers tailored solutions to address your application packaging requirements.