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This is a repackaged open-source software product, and it comes with extra charges for operating system patching and maintenance services provided by Kurian.

Postfix, which is included in this offering, is a freely available open-source mail transfer agent (MTA) responsible for efficiently routing and delivering electronic mail. Operating as a robust SMTP server, Postfix also serves as an initial defense layer against spam bots and malware, effectively replacing the traditional use of sendmail. In public cloud environments, it’s common to require an MTA for applications to send emails through the corporate email infrastructure, a task that can be easily accomplished by configuring a Postfix server. This AMI is equipped with the latest stable version of the Postfix Mail Server, carefully installed on the designated operating system with all the latest patches applied.

Kurian has also introduced a range of software applications, including widely used tools such as WordPress, Jenkins, various databases, the LAMP stack, Ansible, DevOps utilities, and monitoring applications. These software solutions are extensively used by system administrators and DevOps engineers. Additionally, Kurian offers specialized hardened images based on CIS benchmarks tailored for selected Linux distributions. It’s important to note that Kurian’s AMIs adhere to official installation procedures, eliminating the need for users to learn custom configurations should additional adjustments be necessary.