An IIHT Company

Citadel has taken the initiative to fortify and maintain this AMI, assisting companies in achieving PCI compliance swiftly. This AMI is thoughtfully configured to encompass the majority of recommendations from the corresponding CIS Benchmark. The implementation of Level 1 Profile settings from the CIS Benchmark is a strategic move to enhance security measures without causing unnecessary hindrances to technology efficiency. Citadel maintains a steadfast commitment to delivering excellent customer service and enhancing the overall user experience by consistently providing security patches and maintenance updates according to a predetermined schedule.

Citadel’s Rocky Linux 8 virtual machine image arrives preconfigured and regularly updated with built-in security controls designed to uphold the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive data. By adopting Citadel’s preconfigured Rocky Linux 8 image, businesses can seamlessly establish a secure and compliant workspace, reducing the time and resources typically associated with security setup. Our image undergoes regular updates to stay abreast of the latest security threats and compliance regulations, instilling confidence in customers that their data remains secure.

At Citadel, our team comprises specialists well-versed in the realm of security and compliance norms. This assures meticulous engineering of our virtual machine image, aligning with the highest security standards. Furthermore, our proficient team consistently provides unwavering support, ensuring that customers’ security requirements are comprehensively met. This underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering a secure and superior user experience.