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This product package includes two software components:

1. **Packer on Windows Server 2016 (Cloud Infrastructure Services):** This software allows you to create server images for AWS and other cloud platforms using Packer by HashiCorp. Packer automates the image creation process and supports modern configuration management tools. It installs and configures all the necessary software during image creation, catching any script-related bugs early in the process. Packer features include automation for AWS server images, pre-baking images with software and configurations, support for WinRM or SSH, parallel image building for multiple cloud platforms, CI/CD automation integration, and more.

2. **Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Base (Amazon Web Services):** This component provides a fast and reliable environment for deploying applications on the Microsoft Web Platform. It allows you to run various Windows-based solutions on AWS, making it suitable for hosting enterprise applications, websites, data processing, media transcoding, and more.

Please note that “Packer” is a registered trademark of HashiCorp, Inc., and users should be aware of the software’s licensing terms and disclaimer when using it.