An IIHT Company

manages and maintains this AMI, ensuring its robustness. It’s configured to align with the key guidelines outlined in the relevant CIS Benchmark. Specifically, it implements the Level 1 Profile settings of the CIS Benchmark, aiming to bolster security without compromising technological utility unnecessarily. Citadel is committed to a scheduled delivery of security patches and maintenance updates, a pivotal aspect of our dedication to providing exceptional customer service and an enhanced user experience.

Oracle Linux 9 (ARM) virtual machine image comes preconfigured and regularly updated with built-in security measures that prioritize the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive data. This pre-set Oracle Linux 9 (ARM) image from Citadel allows businesses to effortlessly create a secure and compliant workspace, reducing the time and resources typically needed for security configuration. Our image is continuously refreshed to stay current with the latest security threats and compliance regulations, instilling confidence in customers that their data is in secure hands.

we house a team of specialists with extensive knowledge in security and compliance standards. This ensures meticulous engineering of our virtual machine image, adhering to the highest security protocols. Furthermore, our skilled team consistently provides unwavering support, ensuring our customers’ security needs are met satisfactorily. This underscores our commitment to delivering a secure and superior user experience.