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It’s a streamlined installation of Oracle Linux 9.1, providing essential components.

The AMI includes the minimal packages required to operate smoothly on AWS, complete with an installed SSL server for secure connections to the instance. Users can connect using the specified username and launch key.

Oracle Linux uniquely integrates the core components of modern IT infrastructure, including the operating system, containers, and virtualization, into a single comprehensive offering. It’s recognized for its reliability, scalability, security, and performance, making it suitable for demanding workloads like SaaS, PaaS, and traditional enterprise applications.

Oracle Linux excels as a high-performing and secure operating environment, offering virtualization, management, automation, and cloud-native computing tools, all bundled with the operating system. This integrated support package is easy to manage. Importantly, Oracle Linux serves as a 100% application binary compatible alternative to Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS Linux, providing support across both hybrid and multicloud environments.