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NumPy serves as a versatile array processing package with broad applications, specializing in handling n-dimensional arrays. It equips users with a rich set of computational tools, including an extensive collection of mathematical functions and linear algebra routines.

Pandas, an accessible open-source tool, simplifies data analysis and manipulation, seamlessly integrating with the Python programming language.

Scikit-learn is a user-friendly machine learning library designed for efficient predictive data analysis. Supporting both supervised and unsupervised learning, it offers a diverse range of tools, such as model fitting, data preprocessing, selection, evaluation, and more.

Gradio is a high-speed solution for demonstrating machine learning models through a user-friendly web interface. With Gradio, creating and sharing model demos becomes effortless, all within Python and often with just a few lines of code.

Additionally, this package includes Matplotlib, an essential component for Gradio. Matplotlib is a comprehensive Python library enabling the creation of static, animated, and interactive visualizations. It simplifies the generation of straightforward plots and empowers users to tackle even the most challenging visualization tasks with ease.