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This is a repackaged open-source software product, with additional charges applicable for technical support and maintenance.

Node.js employs a single-threaded approach for handling connection requests, enabling it to efficiently support thousands of concurrent connections, a crucial feature for high-throughput network applications that require scaling. It empowers users to create reusable modules, facilitating the sharing of code across various applications. Node.js is constructed on an architecture that enables event-driven programming on web servers, allowing developers to craft scalable servers without resorting to threading. This architecture significantly enhances the efficiency of data-intensive real-time applications through its event-driven, non-blocking I/O model.

Developers can easily publish and share source code for Node.js libraries using a package manager that streamlines the installation, updating, and removal of libraries. Node.js boasts a robust library of JavaScript modules, simplifying the development of web applications. Leveraging JavaScript on both the server-side and client-side, Node.js reduces infrastructure requirements and response times.