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Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment utilized for developing I/O-intensive web applications, including video streaming sites, single-page applications, and various web-based applications. These applications are scripted in JavaScript and executed within the Node.js runtime, compatible with OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. Node.js additionally offers a library of diverse JavaScript modules that streamline web application development using Node.js.

Angular, on the other hand, is a JavaScript framework authored in TypeScript—a compiled, statically typed superset of JavaScript. It is employed for creating user interfaces and frontend applications for both web and mobile platforms. Angular functions as an application design framework and development platform, facilitating the efficient construction of sophisticated single-page applications.

As for MongoDB Community Server, it is the foundational component of MongoDB’s distributed database system, delivering a flexible document data model. This server extends support for ad-hoc queries, secondary indexing, and real-time aggregations, empowering users with robust methods for accessing and analyzing their data.