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Elevate Your Tech Performance with NGINX Solutions

Boost your technological infrastructure with NGINX Plus, further enhanced by the security layers of NGINX App Protect’s WAF and DoS. This integrated solution, lightweight yet powerful, encompasses a load balancer, reverse proxy, and API Gateway, all fortified with advanced Layer 7 WAF and DoS protections.
Features of NGINX Plus:
Whether operating autonomously or in tandem with AWS tools like standard load balancers, Auto Scaling sets, and AWS Lambda, NGINX Plus optimizes app deployment and management costs. Experience premium features such as API-managed session persistence and on-the-go health checks, elevating the performance of your AWS applications.

Robust Protection with NGINX App Protect:
With NGINX App Protect, securing your web applications is a breeze. This cutting-edge, agile security software integrates seamlessly with DevOps, endorsing a security-first approach. Compatible with various platforms and AWS hybrid configurations, it guarantees steadfast protection. Its WAF and DoS modules can be positioned flexibly, even at network peripheries, ensuring cloud-based app safety and operational simplicity. Furthermore, they offer in-depth security insights by interfacing with third-party SIEM systems.

WAF’s Enhanced Security Measures:
NGINX App Protect WAF embeds security protocols within your CI/CD processes, substantially reducing potential breach-related expenses. It offers a comprehensive protective shield, covering an extensive array of threat indicators and advanced data protection methods. By adhering to PCI DSS guidelines, it upholds regulatory standards, protecting your assets and brand’s integrity.

Insights into NGINX App Protect DoS:
This innovative module employs eBPF and XDP technologies to promptly counter Layer 7 DoS/DDoS threats. Tailored to protect a range of web applications, it stands guard against intricate DoS/DDoS challenges. Utilizing machine learning, it discerns standard traffic behaviors, minimizing false alarms. It proactively deploys tailored defense strategies, disseminating threat intelligence across NGINX Plus instances for enhanced security.

Unified Approach to Security:
NGINX App Protect’s WAF and DoS tools harmonize the efforts of SecOps and DevOps, steering towards a progressive “shift-left” or DevSecOps approach. These dynamic tools provide real-time feedback on threat responses, enabling swift app launches without compromising on security.