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Optimize Your Infrastructure with NGINX Solutions

Boost your technological framework by consistently delivering apps and APIs with top-tier performance, resilience, and scalability using NGINX Plus, complemented by NGINX App Protect WAF and DoS. This integrated yet agile package encompasses a load balancer, reverse proxy, and API Gateway, all reinforced with Layer 7 WAF and DoS defenses.

The Advantages of NGINX Plus:
NGINX Plus can operate autonomously or in tandem with AWS tools, including established load balancers, Auto Scaling clusters, and AWS Lambda. This collaboration is designed to curtail app distribution and oversight costs. With NGINX Plus, benefit from session persistence via API and diligent health checks, enhancing your AWS app’s balancing, tracking, and oversight capabilities.

Secure Your Digital Footprint with NGINX App Protect:
NGINX App Protect presents a sleek, cutting-edge security layer for apps and APIs. It smoothly integrates security guidelines into DevOps, advocating the “code-centric security” paradigm, either as a robust WAF or a Layer 7 DoS barrier. Adaptable to diverse platforms and AWS hybrid configurations, NGINX App Protect offers consistent defense throughout your digital landscape. Both its WAF and DoS versions can be strategically placed, including at the Edge, to fortify cloud-centric apps, reducing operational intricacies and overheads.

Dive Deeper into NGINX App Protect WAF Features:
This WAF seamlessly weaves security into CI/CD processes, diminishing breach-associated expenses by a significant 80%. It extends protection beyond the standard OWASP Top 10, featuring an extensive array of over 7,500 threat markers and sophisticated data protection mechanisms. By adhering to PCI DSS norms, it assists in maintaining regulatory adherence, preserving your organization’s trustworthiness and financial health.

An In-depth Look at NGINX App Protect DoS:
This dynamic component utilizes eBPF and XDP innovations to promptly neutralize Layer 7 DoS/DDoS challenges. User-centric in design, it requires minimal initialization and can operate independently of NGINX App Protect WAF. It’s tailored to shield a spectrum of web apps from intricate DoS/DDoS threats. Employing AI-driven techniques, it establishes a norm for traffic, minimizing false alerts. It autonomously rolls out dynamic defense mechanisms and disseminates attack intel among NGINX Plus units for enhanced preparedness.

A Collaborative Approach for SecOps and DevOps:
NGINX App Protect’s dual WAF and DoS offerings harmonize SecOps and DevOps endeavors, guiding towards a proactive “shift-left” or DevSecOps model. These nimble software tools provide instantaneous feedback loops for threat response, enabling rapid app creation without compromising on fortification.